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CRAFTBEERCOIN the saviour of the Micro-Brewery? Episode #47

We have the pleasure of hearing from Florian Bollen about his CraftBeerCoin and how it is saving micro-breweries around the world. Not only that, how their purified water from the brewing process is used to raise money for good causes. Hear how beer was the catalyst for civilisation. Who knew?!

Is Blockpass the ‘Paypal’ of Identity Protection?

A shocking and fascinating interview with Guy Davies from As an ex-musician Guy saw the damage the internet could do to the music business. He tells Jason Allan Scott about his spiritual journey into Blockchain. He speaks passionately about how is a way to make your data secure and avoid multiple KYC forms

Coin or Con Episode #30

After last week’s turning of the tables. This week sees Angus return to form with a kick-ass coin or con. Jason, for someone who is not that familiar with blockchain, believes he’s now got a read on Angus. Have you? This one as ever is a lot of fun. the boys are really hitting their…