Not Another Crypto Podcast #6 – Coin or Con

Welcome once again to another ‘Not Another Crypto Podcast Show’. Here we all are at the start of a new working week with another entertaining episode of Coin or Con. Our very own competition where Angus pits his wits against Jason & all of you out there. Can he fool you all into thinking a fake crypto related site or coin is real? Listen and make your call. No cheating though :-/. One of this week’s coins has somewhat adult content, so not for the kids or listening on speaker at work. Enjoy!

About the author, Michael

He was a TV producer back in the mid noughties producing the first series of An Idiot Abroad for Sky One and several property programmes for Channel 4 in the UK.

He now herds...sorry produces Angus & Jason's every move on The Not Another Crypto Podcast Show.

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