Not Another Crypto Podcast #2

Welcome to the second edition of The Not Another Crypto Podcast Show. Today we’re covering our feature of News, Views & Educated. This is where we cover your burning questions about crypto. We also cover what maybe in the news but is in fact just a ‘View’. With the end result being we’re all more Educated.

Jason gives himself a more in-depth introduction to who he is and what he’s done as a serial entrepreneur.

In this episode Angus goes over how and what he wants to be a humble teacher and doesn’t purport to know all. He highlights the nuances of the code on blockchain and its social meaning and ideologies.

We focus on what a the much used term ‘Whitepaper’ actually means & what is cryptography.

About the author, Michael

He was a TV producer back in the mid noughties producing the first series of An Idiot Abroad for Sky One and several property programmes for Channel 4 in the UK.

He now herds...sorry produces Angus & Jason's every move on The Not Another Crypto Podcast Show.

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