Coin or Con – Not Another Crypto Podcast #14

Welcome to another Monday morning and once again we’re here to banish those early working week blues. Yes, it’s Coin or Con the feature that asks Jason and you to see if you can tell if Angus is describing an actual coin or a pile of poop. Currently Jason is 2-1 up and even smugger than usual. Can Angus unsmuggify (totes trademarking that word) him? The week it’s a sporting coin vs a festival blockchain payment. Which one is the genuine whitepaper and which one is genuine toilet-paper? Will Jason’s ignorance of the beautiful game be his undoing?

Allergy alert; this podcast may contain guffaws whilst learning.

About the author, Michael

He was a TV producer back in the mid noughties producing the first series of An Idiot Abroad for Sky One and several property programmes for Channel 4 in the UK.

He now herds...sorry produces Angus & Jason's every move on The Not Another Crypto Podcast Show.

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