Coin or Con – Not Another Crypto Podcast #11

Iiiiiiits Monday and welcome to another Coin or Con episode of The 'Not Another Crypto Podcast' Show. And this week it's ALL about coffee. Both coins have the same titles Coffee Coin, but have different ideas and goals. Which is a good blend and which will be roasted? Arf!

Also, this week the bombshell gauntlet was thrown by Jason. If the show get's 10,000 5-star reviews; Angus will shave his beard clean off. Now if you know Angus like we do, you'd know he's VERY attached to his McBeard.

Let the games begin.

PS We left in Jason's statement about coffeeshops closing in historical Britain because of coffee harvest problem, as it was funny. It was not factually correct. Coffeeshops really started to wane in the mid-nineteenth century because the British Empire was making more money from it's tea plantations. Plus, coffee houses had over stretched in their attempt for media domination. (

About the author, Michael

He was a TV producer back in the mid noughties producing the first series of An Idiot Abroad for Sky One and several property programmes for Channel 4 in the UK.

He now herds...sorry produces Angus & Jason's every move on The Not Another Crypto Podcast Show.

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