Calling All Crypto Universities

We're looking for students, professors and head of faculties involved in crypto-courses to get involved in the show. We want to feature educational institutions that run crypto & blockchain based courses.

THE                                                              "NOT ANOTHER CRYPTO PODCAST"                                                SHOW

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Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! to the wonderful world of The Not Another Crypto Podcast Show.

Are you

a) A Curious Crypto-newbie

b) An Experienced Crypto-playa

c) A Crypto-bluffer  (You pretend to know more about crypto than you actually do)

This show provides something for all of the above. Yes even the bluffers (there's a lot more than you think out there).

We aim to give the world accessible cryptotainment. One of many elements that will make blockchain technology widely accepted is awareness and that is what we can do together. YOU and US. So tell one, tell all. Let's get the message out there. Blockchain is here to stay and we believe an open discussion is what is required. So get involved, ask questions, call us out, tell us what you think, g'wan we can take it 🙂