Welcome to our brand spankingly new crypto show. Not Another Crypto Podcast.

We are here to enlighten, educate and most importantly entertain on all things crypto and the wider real-world implications of this potentially world changing thing! (Sorry we couldn't come up with a better word but it is an amorphous THING that is going to engulf all industries).

If you've listened to the show you'll know we are Angus (don't call me Aberdeen) Maidment & Jason Allan Scott. We are the crypto-odd-couple. The former is a Scotsman who could only be more crypto if he was a blockchain node, the latter is a secret Lord who (at the beginning) knows zipperdee doo dah squat about crypto.

Together with our producer, Michael, their goal is to bring crypto knowledge and know-how to everyone from newbies to pros who are thirsty for a refreshing take on the THING!

Come on in! The Podcast's lovely.

"When a crypto podcast is Not Another Crypto Podcast"

Scot & Scott
White City Place, London

Crypto's Greatest Odd Couple

Angus & Jason are, to put it mildly, not alike. Angus is a young computer scientist with an in depth knowledge of crypto and the blockchain. Jason is a serial entrepreneur, with a raft of business knowledge & wisdom. He is insatiably curious about all things, making him the perfect foil when it comes to mining information from Angus about all things crypto and its relationship with the real world.